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Rolling News: Bank Details

Update Your Bank Records

Please note that as of 27th March 2018 JWS Europe Ltd has new USD and EURO bank account details. If you order through this B2B platform and make payments via Bank Transfer it will be necessary to update your records. Please contact your sales rep to discuss these details further.
Rolling News: Stranger Things for Halloween 17

Killer Decks

Halloween 2017 sees the launch of the second season of Stranger Things. To coincide with the release, the show's producers turned to the kings of old-school, Madrid Skateboards, to produce a range of killer decks. Madrid Skateboards are no pretenders to the throne either - after all they've been making quality maple decks since the mid seventies, when old-school was new-school! Each board shape pays tribute to the shapes and styles of the eighties when the series is set. With graphics that either represent the spooky nature of the show or nod their head to old graphics of the era, there's something for everyone.

Each board is supplied with an authentication sticker and serial number. Boards are limited and we anticipate high demand. If you're interested in swooping down on some of the range in time for the Halloween aftermath, please get in touch so we can allocate you stock. Remaining boards will be up for general sale from 3.11.2017

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