Qu-Ax Muni 19" Unicycle

Arguably one of the most popular and rugged unicycles in the world. The 19" Muni model is suited to serious trials and off-road riding. It comes with a yellow 48 hole hollow hub with ISIS drive, light weight hollow spindle, aluminium seat post with re-enforcement triangle and flat-crown-forks with grip tape. And of course there's the lovely low profile cushioned saddle with grab handle, ideal for trials riding. The model is completed with BMX aluminium pedals and 48 spoke wheel with double walled alloy rims and a 20" x 2.52" Maxxis Creepy Crawler trials tyre. This is a unicycle built to take serious punishment. Ideally suited to very aggressive, adventurous riders.

Leg length sizes: max. 970mm (38"), min. 880mm (35"), cut down seat post min. 670mm (27"). Note that these sizes are from the crotch to the floor wearing shoes, not trouser sizes.
SKU: UNI-012
True Weight: 6.45kg
Brand: Qu-Ax
Saddle: Low profile Black Qu-Ax seat with yellow handle.
Seat Post: 400mm long 25.4mm diam. aluminium seatpost with reinforcing gusset.
Clamp: Silver double-bolted seat clamp
Frame: New Black CroMo frame with reinforced grip-taped crown.
Hub System: Yellow Qu-Ax ISIS hub
Hub Setting: ISIS
Crank: Black 125mm ISIS CroMo cranks.
Rim: 48 spoke wheel with 19" DB-45 alloy double-walled rim
Tyre: Lightweight 20x2.5" Maxxis Creepy Crawler tyre.
Pedals: DX style aluminium pedals with aluminium pegs
Player Level: Intermediate - Advanced
Style: Trials
Weight: 9.00kg

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